Coal Creek Labrador Retriever studs come with great temperament, trainability, and willingness. Bright and beautiful white litters are produced when bred with a white Labrador Retriever female. Multicolored litters are produced when bred to yellow, chocolate, or black Labrador Retrievers. Whatever the color desired, a wonderful, calm, and friendly personality will be passed from our stud.

white Labrador retriever male stud

DOB: 2/2/18
Weight: 80 pounds
Height: 24 inches

Polar is as stunning in color as he is in temperament! He loves to be right at your side! He is a gentle giant, calm, friendly, willing, and full of love!

-DNA Profile
-OFA prelim hips
-OFA prelim elbows
-Pedigree available by request

“Everest” AKC Registered White Lab Stud

DOB: 10/5/19
Weight: 84 pounds
Height: 23 inches

He is full of life and very friendly! He is always ready for the next adventure with a positive attitude! More information to come as he comes of age.

-Paternal and Maternal DNA testing normal/clear

Breeding Terms

Breeding is guaranteed to produce a litter. A litter is considered a litter if at least 2 live puppies are whelped. A stud fee is due at time of breeding. If the female fails to produce a litter, re-breeds will be done within 2 years of the first breed. If the original stud is no longer available for service, an equally suitable stud will be chosen with an equal stud fee. If the original female is no longer available to fulfill the breeding, another female may be substituted. There are no refunds and the service must be performed within 2 years of original date.


In order to be considered for breeding, the following are required:

  • The female must be examined, cleared and certified safe and free of disease, including brucellosis testing.
  • Supply AKC registration and pedigree.
  • Be OFA hip and elbow certified.
  • The female owner is responsible for transporting her to our facility. All travel and other costs are the female owner’s responsibility. We require notification of the birth and number of puppies within 48 hours of birth.
  • As the stud owner, Coal Creek Labrador Retrievers retain the right to refuse a breeding at any time.